N°1 French Brandy worldwide, St-Rémy has conquered markets around the globe from the USA to Vietnam, from Canada to Finland, from Nigeria to Australia.

St-Rémy met with immediate success in France and began to be exported to the rest of Europe in 1920s’. As St-Rémy became readily available throughout the world, the essence of this unique and authentic French Brandy has remained unchanged for over a century.

Originally sold as Fine St-Rémy, it was launched as Napoléon VSOP in 1980 and Napoléon XO in 1989. At the start of the 21st century, St-Rémy launched St-Rémy Authentic VSOP and St-Rémy Authentic XO to flawlessly express the authenticity of the French brand and its loyalty to its roots.
St-Rémy has become highly appreciated by true spirits connoisseurs and is best-seller on five continents, making St-Rémy Authentic the world’s favourite French brandy.

St-Rémy brandy is the result of years of French expertise under the supervision of Martine Pain, the dedicated Cellar Master.
The unique savoir-faire of St-Rémy makes it the world’s favourite French brandy.
Each drop of St-Rémy evokes the very best of the French art of living.