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Key Dates – Discover St-Rémy’s timeline



St-Rémy Small Batch Reserve is launched with a limited stock availability

St-Rémy Small Batch Réserve is our latest creation.

It has followed a proprietary slow distillation process, in copper pot stills and in copper columns, to enable the blend to achieve a unique concentration of the wine’s fruity aromas like red fruits, apricot and crystallized orange.



Launch of St-Rémy French Honey

St-Rémy French Honey is a blend of St-Rémy French brandy with a unique honey made in Provence since 1920. The result is a highly refined liqueur expressing a perfect balance of natural honey flavours, with a pure touch of natural honey from Provence and the authentic aromas of St-Rémy French brandy. The taste is characterized by malted, flowery, woody and fruity notes. It promises rich sensations and an irresistible pleasure!

French Honey


Launch of St-Rémy Réserve Privée

St-Rémy Réserve Privée is a remarkable creation of St-Rémy’s Cellar Master, Martine Pain. This unique blend owes its finesse to one of the key ingredients: St-Rémy’s oldest eaux-de-vie which have been carefully aged for an additional ten years in French oak barrels, revealing an aromatic complexity of unsurpassed quality.
St Rémy Réserve Privée

High Proof is launched in Limited Edition

For the beginning of the year St-Rémy dresses up in gold: 90 Proof is the most powerful way to experience Brandy. Non-conventional, intensely captivating. St-Rémy 90 Proof is the very first Limited Edition created by St-Rémy.

VSOP 2012


St-Rémy À la Crème: A unique French Liqueur Cream

Unique, rich, subtle… St-Rémy À la Crème is St-Rémy’s successful 2011 creation.
It is the perfect combination of a smooth and unctuous cream with the refined and authentic aromas of St-Rémy French Brandy. Inimitable, delectable, this is the fruit of a consummate savoir-faire.

visuel a la creme


The Gold Years

Over the years, St-Rémy VSOP and XO have regularly won gold medals at major international competitions. Remarkably, St-Rémy XO has been recognized as one of the best brandies worldwide by the foremost spirit expert Paul Pacult in 2011, who rated it 92/100. Performances remain at top level today with St-Rémy being awarded each year in major global tasting competitions.

St-Rémy launches its first St-Rémy XO

Once again, St-Rémy innovated and launched St-Rémy XO. In 1990, Martine Pain, St-Rémy dedicated Cellar Master, elaborated a refined and complex new blend that expresses the quintessence of the St-Rémy style: St-Rémy XO was created.

xo 1990


St-Rémy creates St-Rémy Napoleon VSOP

In 1980, St-Rémy launched its first Napoléon VSOP, originally sold in the black bottle created in 1949. VSOP – meaning Very Superior Old Pale – incarnates all the savoir-faire of St-Rémy and loyalty to its roots.xo 1990

St-Rémy extends its sales on the 5 continents

The success of St-Rémy overseas keeps on growing and in the 1970’s, shipments reached the rest of the world. In a few decades, St-Rémy conquered markets around the globe from the USA to Vietnam, from Canada to Finland, from Nigeria to Australia.
5 continents

First sales in Canada

Immediately successful in France, St-Rémy began to be exported to the rest of Europe in the 1920s. Then, its entrepreneurial spirit drove St-­Rémy ­to­ send ­the ­first­ shipments­ to Canada as soon as 1967.canada

Creation of the St-Rémy unique black bottle

St-Rémy has always acted as a precursor in the universe of brandies. It was the first brand to sell its products under a non-common black bottle, which today incarnates the authentic St-Rémy style: Elegant and Contemporary.1949

Creation of the “Fine St-Rémy”

After long years of experimenting distillation process St-Rémy launched its first «Fine St-Rémy». His original 1917 recipe accounts for the essence of this unique and authentic French Brandy.
history 1917

The distillery is established in Machecoul

In 1886 the vineyards in the Charente region were badly damaged by phylloxera.In search for raw materials, the very entrepreneurial Paul-Emile Rémy Martin II identified Machecoul where the “Gros Plant” grapes were similar to “Folle Blanche”. In 1886 he set up a distillery to produce high quality brandy.
history 1886 distillerie